There was a time we both agreed

A time when we would alter our speed

A time to rest and gaze deep underneath our needs

There was a time we both agreed

To only breathe…




Birds hiding in their nests,

No sound to speak of.

By the way,

Did you ever notice the crack on your ceiling

Whenever you want to get out

Of your half striped house?

I’ve been inside your walls, watching.

There was nothing else to do.

Your silence is deeply embedded

In the lines of my face.


Drawing fundamental shapes for beginners

These days, I’ve been reading about the importance of mastering the art of drawing shapes. A cube, a cylinder, a sphere are the fundamental shapes which an artist must learn in order to achieve a deeper understanding of all forms.

I’ve been practicing, sketching some of these shapes and I particularly liked to draw the cylinder. But in order to draw a proper cylinder, one has to learn how to draw an ellipse and properly construct a circle. If you practice drawing still life, you can find ellipses in many items such as a plate, a bowl, a glass of wine or any other cylindrical man-made form.

Today, I felt like drawing and decided to use a shape called Vesica Piscis, also called mandorla (almond) in italian. I have a curious fascination for artistic illusions, such as those found in M.C. Escher’s works, so I tried to draw and add some colour to Donald E. Simanek’s Ambiguous ring.

Drawing shapes is relaxing and a fun way to create something…


Drawing a man

How to express the dignity of a man in a drawing? A few months ago, I saw this photo of a man, standing like a statue in front of a guardsman, during one of the protests in Bucharest. It struck me then as it strikes me now. I imagined him to be Alexander the Great, the king of the great kingdom of Macedon. Whatta man…whatta a mighty good man.


Playing the flute for pencils

In secondary school, I used to study flute. It was such an ordeal. The teacher used to leave me alone in the studying room as I was often going to classes without doing my homework. I didn’t  like to study, I just wanted to go out and play with my friends, like any child at that age. Several times, I managed to escape classes and ran home crying, begging my mother to end the misery. But she didn’t do it because she was dreaming, as any parent does, that I would become a great flutist… So I continued to blow wind in that flute for 3 years. After that, I forgot about playing for 20 years…

A couple of years ago, thinking about those times, I felt so silly and amused that I decided to buy a flute, just to have it as a remembrance of my childhood ordeal. But funny thing, it seems musical instruments don’t like to be kept as a trophy or trinket, they just want to be played. Or, so I thought… I took that flute, tried to play a few notes and witnessed a miracle. It sounded like scratching a plate with the fork. But I thought it was fun and since there was no teacher around, forcing me to study, I searched on the internet a fingering flute chart. Slowly, I remembered a few notes and in a few months, I was playing a song,  El condor pasa. I always loved that Peruvian song, so simple and cheerful.

Playing the flute became just another hobby and opportunity to relax. Today, I still play it and I even took a few lessons from a flute teacher. He gave me this encouraging advice : Keep practicing and if you make mistakes, don’t stop. You just continue to play. And remember that all the music is in the mind, you just have to think about how it sounds and then you blow it into the flute.

So I just blow it and sing for my pencils, make mistakes and learn. And I love it. 

A poem for a painting

Sometimes, paintings can also be an inspiration to write poetry.

My first experience related to writing poetry was after reading a book by Alberto Villoldo “Courageous dreaming: How Shamans dream the world into being”. I guess the reason I’ve bought the book was the word” dreaming” in the title, because I’m such a dreamy person, by night and even by day. Later, I found out it was about a different kind of dreams. It referred to the fact that when you don’t dream your life, you have to settle for the nightmare being dreamed by others and that courage is all that is required to create the joy we desire.

I particularly liked the exercises suggested to develop the inherent intellectual, moral and emotional courage. One of them was entitled “ The Haiku of life”, haiku being a very short form of Japanese poetry, usually focused on nature. While reading the book in a park, I wrote my first haiku.

The latest painting of a young artist, who happens to be my friend and critique, inspired me to write this post. He’s also a lecturer at Arts University in Timisoara, Victor Gingiu. He paints on his canvases imaginary, colourful worlds filled with strange shaped objects, trees, birds, green horses, women covered in flowers, one-legged men, clocks and many other figures that could stir someone’s imagination. His painting, “About loneliness”, inspired me to write a sort of haiku:

Loneliness, sometimes, feels like a cage.

Good that it’s not hermetic.

And with a touch of imagination,

I transform into a white lion

Which after a healthy rage,

Rips open the bars.

I adore squares…

You can see the painting and other artistic creations made by Victor on his Facebook page “ Victor Gingiu Art”. And, by the way, he is looking for female models for his new project, which I heartily dream it to be a monumental fresque of femininity.

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